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Site News

Demitri continues to grow, and so is his site. I have added a World's Cutest Toddler section to follow Demitri's continuing growth. And since he is such a people person, he has decided to run for political office. Check out those sections... just click on the Demitri head at the top of the
navagation bar to the left.
On the baby side, there is a new organization system to the love gallery. Plus, I have added brand new baby pictures of Demitri. Click on "News and Pics" for more details.
And just a reminder, the majority of the text in the baby section is written in "Demitri speak" by Demitri. How can a baby write? Because he is smarter than your baby. And cuter too.


New pictures have been added to the Love Gallery. Check out some of the best baby pictures from Demitri, ages 0-16 months. Click Young Demitri for more.

If you have searched the site, you are familiar with all the advertising banners. Demitri does a good job of keeping the site payed for. Well, Demitri told me he wanted a new banner. This time, he wanted something different. So I made him a new Flash banner for him this weekend. Assuming Demitri likes the new banner, it will appear on the top of some pages very soon. If you cannot wait to check it out, you can take a look at the newest banner here.


I have added a new sound to the sound gallery. Click on Young Demitri, then follow the Demitri Sounds link to check it out.



baby what?
Demitri Says:
Please don't encourage the eating of Baby Back Ribs.

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