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Baby Demitri

Before U can truly understand dis site, U need
to know a little bit more aboot da man dat dis site
iz about. Lets start with da basics:

Born: March 13
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 1 ounce
Marital Status: Single and Looking

However, there iz so much more to da story of mah
birth, and how i came to be such a star.
Gah Ack Baba!

The 13th of March. It waz a cold, yet sunnie day. A day much like any other. However, an event took place in a small mid western hospital in a small mid western town that would shake da world. Dis waz da day that I waz born! But i did not come out da normal way. Mom sayz dat it was a cesearen birth, which is a special birth.


Rite away, da nurses said that i waz da cutest babie that dey had ever seen. Tell meee, Ladiees, would you agree?

20 minutes after birth
I waz not even 20 minutes old an already womenz were runnin up and taking pictures of meeee. I can not say dat i blame dem. I waz 8 pounds of cute an cudilly goodness! Little did I know dat soon i would be da apple of every Ladiees eye.....

As mah time in da hospital went on, i learned to luv da Ladiees. Dey cooed over meee. Dey changed mah diapers. Dey fed meee. Dey played with meee. However, a man can only take soo much affection. Soon, Ladiees were all over me 24/7! Da hospital waz overflowing with Ladiees. I soon realized that i had to find some way out, otherwize da Ladiees would luv me to peeces!

on the down low
Here i am jus a few dayz later. By dis time, da hospital had to hire extra protectors for meee. All da sexie Ladies were tryin to break into da hospital to see meee. However, hospital securahtee could only do soo much. Luckily, my dad waz able to hide me under da blankets and get meee out safely!

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