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G'day, Ladiees! Do U com from da land down under? If so, i know dat i can romance U from da Great Barrier Reeef to da Outback baybee!

cruisin in
First we can sail into Sydney harbor in mah private yaught. And if U wanna see a show in da Sydney opera house, dont worrie cause i got private dock right outside where i can park mah boat...and i alwayz get da best seats in da house.

mah zoo
Next wee can go to mah private zoo where U can pet any of mah cute an cuddly kowalla bears.

in da outback
If U like adventure we can cruize thru da Outback in one of mah
4X4 cars. While we drive in style, we can see all da wild life, like da
kangaroo in da picture. Dont worry, despite all da dirt i am kickin up, i am
a safe driver. No kangaroos were harmed in the making of dis

feedin da gators
Crikey! Australian women are into some strange stuff. Butt i hav no problem doin what ever pleezes da Ladiees, even wrestling with da dangerious crocs of da Aussie jungle.

catchin gators iz az eazy az catchin da ladies hearts
Catchin crocs iz as eazy as catchin da hearts of Ladiees...even the Ladiees from da land down under.