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The Birth of a Legend

After my narrow escape from da hospital, i lived a normal baby life. i learned all aboot mah mom an dad. Dey played with me. Dey fed me. Dey introduced meee to many nice peoples and luvly Ladiees. Here are some pics of meee when i waz young.

Smile for the camera
Here i am flashing mah cute smile to da camera. It iz not eazy being dis cute Ladiees. Luckily, i waz born dis way. GAH!

Working out
Here i am during one of mah morning work outs. I learned at an early age that it is alwayz best to stay in prime shape!


Az i grew, i did many of da things that normal babies doo...

I spent many dayz workin on mah ABC's with da help of video gamez... I bet i can beat da pantz off of any1 at "Elmo's Letter HOP"!

Remember what dey say...all work an no play makes Demitri a dull boy! So after a long day of learnin, I waz not above a nite on da town. Here iz a pic of me after one of mah many parties. Like most babies, i like 2 fall asleeep with a bottle...

Here i am strikin a pose after a 2 mile crawl around da bed

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