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i welcome all lost souls to da Church of Demitri. In mah luving, i mean in the luving arms of da Church of Demitri, all the sexy Ladiees can find peace.

Da doctrine of da Church of Demitri:
1. Demitri is da cutest baby of all time.
2. Demitri is da most fantastic luver of all da sexy Ladiees.
3. Demitri can lead da Ladiees to da peek of Romance an Passion.
4. Demitri can teach the guys how to become fantastic luvers of da Ladiees
5. Demitri can lead peepol to da lite of poopy goodness

Church Building
Da Church started out of a trailor in
da Ozarks...Now it haz quikly grown into a world wide
influence on many peoples, includin da sexy Ladiees.


Ministering worldwide
Today, millions of Ladiees follow da Church of Demitri.
Now dat wee hav outgrown da trailor, Demitri Ministries
holds many large gatherings all around da world
for all da sexy Ladiees.


Ministering to those who need it
Here i am meetin with da president. i meet with and minister
to many world leeders. Hey, da leeders
of da free world need luv advice too.

Here wee see some of mah monks liteing candels
durin an hour of devotion to mah poopy goodness.


Father Demitri
With all da donations to mah ministery, i am able
to minister to many more Ladiees.
Here i am showin da sexie Ladiees how much i Luv dem.


Pope Poopy
Da Church of Demitri. Saving da sexie Ladiees of da world.

More info on how to join da Chuch of Demitri coming soon!

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