One evening you sit in front of your mirror. The night you have dreamed of for months has arrived. This is you first date with Demitri. You have seen his website many times. However, you hear that in person he is even more . You brush your hair in nervous anticipation of his arrival. You dream of all the romantic things that you will be doing with him. Maybe Demitri will even take you to the ...

You are so lost in your fantasies that you barely notice a horn honking outside. Your heart races as you rush over to your window and see Demirti standing next to his . He looks at you and says, "GAH! Hallo . U look lovely tonite!". Your eyes caress his body with longing glances. Demirti is even sexier in person! He is wearing a shirt with the top two buttons undone. He is also wearing tight black pants with designer shoes. The outfit is topped off with a pair of mirrored sunglasses.
He opens the door for you, and you get into his . He gets in, smiles at you, and says "Dis will bee a nite you will not ferget." He starts the car, throws it into gear, and you speed away. As you travel, you enjoy witty conversation with Demitri. He stimulates you with long conversations about everything from politics to .

Soon you find yourself at a romantic . Demitri quickly gets out of the car, and opens your door. As you step out, he blindfolds you. "It iz a suprize!" he says as he guides you by the hand. Your heart beats fast. What could he have planned for you? After a short walk, Demitri stops, and takes off your blindfold. Laid out before you is a candle lit picnic. There is wine, grapes, and even some . While you are eating, Demitri snaps his fingers, and a group of violin players comes and plays .

After dinner, Demitri leans over and whispers in your ear "Where do U wanna go babiee?" You don't respond, since you are still overwealmed by his cuteness. Demitri smiles and says, "O.K. I will take U to a favorite spot of mine!". He pulls out a radio and says "Bring it!" Within minutes Demitri's private helicopter lands. "COM, mah luv. Let mee take U away." Demitri gives you his hand and he helps you into the helicopter. With a smile, he gives you a set of head phones. You put them on your head, and you are delighted to hear playing. Is there anything Demitri hasn't thought of?

The ride in the helicopter is long, but the time seems to fly by since you are spending it with Demitri. Soon you find yourselves landing on the beach of Demitri's private island. Demitri escorts you out of the chopper and walks you down to a blanket laying on the beach. He sits you down on the blanket. Then he says "Luv iz a magic thing." Suddenly, a ball of fire explodes in his outstretched hand. Amazingly, a single red rose appears in his hand. He hands the rose to you and says "Dun you think?" You grab his hand and pull him down onto the blanket. You then cover his cute face with kisses. He laughs and pushes you away playfully.

Then he reaches into the sand and pulls out a bottle of . He then produces two glasses and pours one for you, and then one for himself. He hands you your glass and says "A LUV!" You clink your glasses and take a drink. The night continues with more drinks and more stimulating conversation. You sit on the beach and watch the sun rise together. It is the perfect ending to a perfect night...

Except it is not quite perfect. The night has been so exciting for you that you become exausted. You don't even realize it, but as the sun is rising you are falling asleep in Demitri's arms.

You wake several hours later back at home in your bed. You yawn and stretch. Then you remember where you were the last time you were awake. You look around...but Demitri is no where to be seen. You peek under your blanket and realize that you are wearing your pajamas instead of your evening wear. Had Demitri broken away from his gentleman nature? You roll over and see a heart shaped box on the dresser next to your bed. You open it and find that it is full of . There is also a note. You open it and it reads:

Dearest , i hope U had a wonderful evenin width meee. U fell asleep, so i brought U home. I had mah made change U so U could sleeep better. (i kno i sleep better after i am changed). Dun worry, i waz a perfect gentle man. Anyway, i enjoyeed spendin da nite width U! i hope 2 see U again somday!

You pick up the candy and the letter and walk to your window. As you walk, you think about all the romance from the night before. As you get to the window, you catch a glimse of a driving away. You wave, and go back to bed. As you lay down and drift off to sleep, all you can think about is your dream date with the worlds most eligible and cutest bacholor...Demitri.
The End

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