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Ghetto Love
Even tho Demitri waz born in da midwest, i am str8 off da streetz of Compton. i kno how da ghetto Ladiees need der luv, an belive u meee, dis B.G. can give all da luv a Ladiee needs...all while keeping it on da down low. Ladiees, peep out what i have to offer...

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me an mah ride

When i ride thru da hood, i alwayz be rollin in mah 6 4 Impala.



pool party

Da summerz in da hood can get hot. So now an then i like to thro down some benjamins and get mah homies into da local pool. Of course, da Ladiees are alwayz mah first choice...



chillin, playa style

Afta i meet a hottie at da pool, i like to bring her bak to da crib. Usually mah Ladiees cannot fit in mah crib, however, so we chill bah da fireplayce.



st8 ballin

I cannot forget mah homiez! We be illin an chill at da local pool hallz. We play pool, drink some 40's of formula, or chill and watch da tv. Somtimez i will bring mah sexiee Ladiees down to watch me play pool or just chill with me.



ride wid me
Sometimez da ghetto gets to meee, so i pack up da homiez and some of mah Ladiees and hit da road. Weather we hit da spot in da NYC, or we cruisin to da Lou, Compton iz alwayz in da house. Come see da country with a true playa, Ladiees.