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Demitri's Ladies
Ahhh, da Ladiees. That iz really what life iz all aboot. I have been getting the attention of the Ladiees since day one. And when it comez to romancing the Ladiees, there iz a lot of work to be done. Most men do not know how to treet a Ladiee, so i have to undo all da damage that other men have done. At da same time, i have to wine and dine adn romance several Ladiees at once. It iz a hard job, but somone haz to do it.

a classy lady with a cool tattoo
U can alwayz tell a woman with class by
da men she dates...or the namez she
tattoos on her armz.

on vacation
I have taken many fine ladiess to my private
iland for luv in da sun. Here U can see mee and
one of my Ladiees on vacation.

kissy kissy
Somtimez the demands on mah time are purdy intense, and i have to juggle two Ladiees at once. Az U can see, i usually have no problems with doin dat.

Me an my harem
Ladiees wonderful. They are like Lay's Potato Chips: No one can
have just one. But dont worry Ladiees, i have plenty of luv to go around.