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Demitri Lifestyle

For some peoples, it takes years to learn how to be a playboyee and a jetsetter. However, some of us are born to bee dis way...

Demitri: The man, the myth, the legend

giddy up
Upon getting my first million, i aquired a stable an some champeeon horses. i like to ride dem in yardz of my mansions. i also let some of mah lucky Ladiees ride dem too... *wink*
Here i am on my private iland in da caribian. When i am not buzy making movies and pleazin da ladies, i like to come relax by da ocean.
Yez Ladiees, i like to work out! Mah bodie iz a finely carved an chizled machine.

i will admit it, many photografers call me and ask for me to model for them. i rarely do it, but somtimez i can not help myself. Here iz one of me modeling out in da back yard of one of mah mansions.


Upload origional demitricar2

new demitri car 2




upload old demitri mansion1



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