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Hollywood iz mah kind of town. There iz lots of sunshine and luvly Ladiees for Demitri to enjoy. Butt dont get me wrong Ladiees, Demitri works very hard. i have gotten many script offers. i am very chooosy over which parts i play. i only take da best roles. Many timez, i take parts from wannabe luverboys like Brad Pitt. It iz sad to see big boyz like him cry, butt hey, dat is showbiz!
Anyway, it does not matter if it iz da big screen or da small one. Demitri iz alwayz da star! Look for meee in a theater or on a TV near U!

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staring rolez.
Gah Milk?
Poopy Vice
Star Warz
The Matrix
Star Trek

i am alwayz on da lookout for new an exciting roles to star in. Check back often fo more updates!
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