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Things you should know...

Hi, Demitri's dad here. I hope you had fun, and maybe had a few laughs, while cruising this site. I hope you realized what we were trying to do with Demitri Online.
However, for you really really dense people out there,
let me try to explain the reasons for this site.

This site serves several purposes:

1. This site is a comedy site:
It should be fairly obvious that most of this site is meant to be in good humor. This site is a parody of many things, such as websites of people who think a little to much of themselves. This site also pokes fun at other things, like banner ads, stereotypes, dating sites, romance, internet ministries, poor spelling on the net, cheesy pictures that are very obviously photoshopped to death, and other things that I am forgetting at the moment.

2. This site is a showcase for my son Demitri:
While he may not be the ladies man that he is portrayed to be on this wait, he really is a womanizer. You should see him. Always flirting with the checkout girls, the counter girls at McDonalds...pretty much every pretty woman he sees cannot get enough of him.
So what better way to celebrate his cuteness and charm, and get a little exposure, than to build a website? I mean, how many other babies can brag about having their own website? How many babies can even brag?

3. It is web design practice:
This site also showcases and serves as an archive for the evolution of my web design and photoshop skills. I started this site back when I was in college, and I sit here today amazed at how I have come. Each section of this website captures a small hint of where I was when it comes to building webpages at that time when it was created. I go in and tweak from time to time, but I never fully rebuild. After all, you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.
This site as a whole may be missing a few pieces. I had a bad host from Canada who... well, no need to go into that. But I am working on restoring the page, and I am pondering adding new sections. Granted, my restoration process is quite slow, but that is because I have a much busier life than I did when I designed this webpage. Basicly, restorations (as needed) and new sections come in spurts of creativity and time. I tend to have one without the other, which can make things difficult.
Yes, as you can see from surfing this site there have been times when I have had a WHOLE LOT of time on my hands.

4. A dedication to people like me.
Finally, this website is dedicated to all those single parents out there, like me. We may get no support from the baby daddy/momma, but that person is not the focus of our lives. Our child is, and while we are not perfect or doing things the way we planned, we all do the best we can for them. The kiddos may not show it, but they are always grateful.

Now we will just see how grateful my kid is when I show this site to all his friends when he is sixteen. MWHAHAHAHAHA!

No babies were harmed in the making of this website.

Demitri Online © 2001/2008 by Demitri's Daddy