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The Demitri News

Welcome to the 2001 Demitri News. Feel free to read all the past Demitri news updates.

Latest Updates in the life of Demitri:
By Dad and Demitri

Green Comments by Dad
Yellow Comments by Demitri

December 31
Well, it is Demitri's first New Years Eve. We plan to spend the night on the couch watching the countdown shows and drinking eggnog.

while dey are not lookin, i will spike their eggnoggy with some VODKA. Mom and dad will pass out, and i will be on mah jet and on da way to Vegas baybeee!
December 25
Demitri woke up and was happy to see all the presents under the tree with his name on them. He really seemed to get more joy out of ripping the paper than playing with the toys. But I am sure he will get many hours of fun out of all his new gifts.
Of course, Demitri tried to pull the tree down again. What would Christmas be without the tree in the middle of the floor? :)

WOW! i fell assleep for only a minute. When i woke up, der were presents everywhere! i like dis present thing. U get to rip up lots of cool paper and throw around boxes. Then U get to play with da stuff dat is in da boxes! WAY COOL!
course i had to pull da tree down on mah head again. What would Xmas bee without something for mom and dad to cleen....
December 24
Demitri seems to be really excited. He will not go to sleep at all. We have cruised the web and have played several of the games on the site, but he still won't go down. After this update, I will try again. Don't want him to sleep through Christmas...

How can dad sleep? Some big fat guy iz gonna break into da house and leeve stuff. I gotta see dis!
So very tired. Maybee a short nap will not hurt...
December 21
Demitri and I were doing our best to keep the cats out of the Christmas tree. He would discract them with his fishing pole, and I would squirt them with a water gun. Everything was going fine, until Demitri got his pole tangled in the tree. He yanked the line and the tree went crashing to the ground. He got a look of shock on his face for a moment, then he laughed his little head off. I am not sure if he was being naughty or nice...

All dis being nice stuff is getting boring. i am sure this "Santa" guy will forgive a little bit of naughtyness. MWHAHAHAHAHA!
December 15
Demitri was playing his favorite game of "fishing for kitties" today. He has a pole with a cat toy mousie on the end, and he was dangling it over the edge of his crib. The cats jumped around and tried to catch the mousie. The whole time, Demitri just laughed his little head off.
The best part of the game is that it keeps the cats out of the Christmas tree.

I caught meee a 12 pound catfish today. Too bad it keeps escapin. Maybee if i use some catnip as bait, i may have better luck.
December 8
We took Demitri to meet Santa today. Unlike a lot of the other babies, Demitri did not cry at all. Demitri cooed and grabbed at Santa's beard. He even played peek a boo with the lady running the camera.

Mah parents sat mee on da lap of some strange dude in da mall. Dis seems to be da mysterious "Santa". He laughed at mee and went "Ho Ho Ho." There were Ladiees all around me and dis guy waz cramping mah style. But i humored his laughin and baby talk. Hey, i am a red blooded baby, an i wanna Game Cube just like every1 else!
December 1
Demitri seems to really like the whole Christmas thing. He will just sit there and stare at the tree for hours. When he is not stareing, he is trying to pull the tree down on his little head.
He really seems to like it when I read him stories about Santa Claus. His mom says that whenever a Santa comes on t.v. that Demitri will just stare and stare at it. Must be all the red clothes Santa wears...

i am workin on figuring out da mystery of dis guy named "Santa". From da books mah parents read to meee, it seems dat dis guy breaks into houses and leaves toyz. He wears a funny outfit and iz on t.v. alot. While i would not like it if some stranger in a funny outfit broke in, i am intrigued bah da notion of new toyz. i think i will have to investigate dis further...
November 28
Big news today. I had Demitri on the couch with me. He was playing the game where he would watch television and try to sneak up and grab the remote. All of the sudden he stopped, turned and looked at me, said "Da da" and kissed my cheek. Of course, he dropped his pacifier, and I had to wash it off. By the time I got back, he had the remote control in hand. He is so smart and so cute!

i am so tired of watching Vanderbilt gettin their butts kicked at foootball every saturday. Yet dad seems to find it amuzing. When i coold not reach da remote, i tried another approach...i played da CUTE card. i wanted to say "Jeezus Christ dad, der is more to life dan football! Da professional RodeeO iz on"! Butt all i coold get out waz "Da Da." Stoopid pacifer...
Butt i got da waz all part of mah evil plan.....
November 13
Happy birthday little man! Today we took Demitri out to Mcdonalds to celebrate his special day. We got him some cookies and he used his new tooth to chew on them. We also gave him his first french fry. As usual, he flirted and smiled with all the counter girls. Mom thought it was cute that he was such a flirt.

Dad took meee aside an asked meee to get da counter girl's fone number for him. So i used all mah charm an smiles and i got da number while dad waz not loookin. Too bad for dad, cauze now he is not going to get her number. thanks to mah new Ladiee, 50% off happy meals for MEEEE!

November 6
Demitri is obsessing with his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He just sits there and looks at himself. Then we will babble at his reflection for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. I think he is finally realizing how cute he is.

Damm, i am cute! i mean, look at meee! just....just....damm! how did i get dis cute?
Now, i just neeed to talk mah parents into movin da mirror from da bathrooom to mah crib....

October 31
What a great day for Demitri! He had his first Halloween, and he got his first tooth. With his new little tooth and his devil costume, Demitri got lots of candy when we went trick or treating. I think he really liked going out and showing off his costume.

Sweet! i get a new tooooth and som candy to rot it out width!

October 27
What an exciting week! Demitri has been working on his crawling all month, and he really perfected it this week. And today, he pulled himself up and was trying to start walking. He is growing so fast!

Once i am mobile, i will blow dis popsicle stand and start mah plans for world con quest. PREPEAR!

October 20
Demitri tried to fall off the couch today. We picked him up, cooed over him, and sat him back down again. Funny thing is, two minutes later he tried to dive off again. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head.

Da life of an xtreme baby iz a dangeris one, butt some body haz to do it. Besidez, if i bump mah head, maybee dey will take meee to see dat cute nurse again...
October 10
Took Demitri with me to a job fair. He was a huge hit. All the people wanted to play with him, and many of them gave him toys to take home. Too bad no one was interested in hiring him.

All da Ladiees at da job fare luved meee. i turned up da charm an got som freee toyz. i got 5 job offers dat i will hav to consider. i wish i wuld hav brung mor rezume's.
October 5
Demitri is extremely close to crawling. He will push himself along with his left foot and move his hands to move forward. He should be crawling full force anytime now!

i am so sik of puttin up dis helpless frunt 4 mah mom an dad. So i decided to start actin like i waz crawling. Keep dem guessin.
October 3
Today I had some fun with Demitri. I dipped his head in the water and styled his hair into a mohawk. He seemed to enjoy it so much, I took some pictures. I am sure he will love them when he is older.

Der i waz, takin a nap, when dad picks mee up and carries me into da bathroom an dunks mah head in da water. Den he playz width mah hair. What da hell? i have professional hair dresssers dat do dat for me. i will hav to pee in his shoe later.
September 23
Demitri sat up by himself for the first time today.

Keep puttin da remote out ov mah reach, will dey? i will SHOW dem! MWHAHAHAHA!
September 22
Demitri got his first kiss today! We were in the checkout line at the store when a little girl who looked to be around 2 years old started stareing at Demitri. Mom squated down so the little girl could get a closer look. The girl marched up and promptly laid a kiss on his nose so hard that it knocked the pacifier right out of his mouth! Mom and I got a huge laugh out of it, and Demitri was all smiles for the rest of the day.

GAH, Parents! Dey think dat dey kno every thing. I will not tell dem aboot all de other Ladiees dat have kissed meee. I dun want dad to be envyus of meee.
September 19
Demitri had his first drink of apple juice today.

Little did dey kno dat i spiked it with some gin! *wink*
September 15
Today Demitri got five shots. Super ouch!

Jeezus, what do i hav 2 do to get da nures number?
September 13
Demitri held his bottle all by himself today! He is getting so smart....

It iz hard to work out quantum physics equazions in mah head an try to fite width a stupid binkie holdin mah bottle in place. So i decided to hold da bottle mahself. What iz da big deal?
August 22
Demitri is trying so hard to sit up. He can support himself for a few seconds at a time, with a little help from mom and dad.

I heer dat ab crunches help keep a babiees tummy in shape. So i started a work out routeen today.
August 7
Demitri got two shots today! Ouch!

Dam dat nurse iz cute. still tryin to get her numberrr. Maybee if i cry mor she will notice meee...
July 16
Demitri started to hum today! It was so cute.

Dad had to let mee watch som stoopid car commercial width some stoopid da da da song in it. NoW it iz stuck in mah head...
June 21
Demitri was holding the remote control and he changed the channel all by himself. I know he just bumped the channel up button by accident, but still it was a big moment. To top it off, he changed the channel from a show about weddings to an old western. He is becoming more of a man everyday.

John Wayne waz on. I could not miss da Duke.
June 2
Took Demitri on his first big road trip. Drove 3 1/2 hours each way. He didn't cry once, the little angel.

I tend 2 wear fairly thik diapers. An yet, somhow mah butt fell asleep. Oh well, I did hav fun. I saw som strange stuff tooo! i saw deeze strange things in da fields along da road. Dey just stood der and ate da grass. Dad said dat dey were called "MOO COWS". i will hav to investigate dis further....
May 31
Demitri seems to really like "Blues Clues" on Nickaloden. He will just stare at the t.v. the whole time it is on. He even squirms around a lot, as if he is really excited. Looks like this will be a good show for him when he is older.

Damm, dat guy iz a moron. coouldnt he seee dat BLUE waz da clue? Jeezuz, even i figured dat out!
May 15
Demitri had a busy day today. He went to the doctor, where he got a checkup and a shot. He was not too happy about it, but Mom and Dad knows it is for the best.

wOW da nurse iz a hottie. Dis is mah second visit, so i tried to get her number...but she waz playin hard to get.
May 3

Demitri has taken an interest in watching t.v. He just lays there and stares at the television. He doesn't seem to care what is on.

Der is dis large glowin box in da main room. i dun kno what it iz, but der R peepol stuck in it. i figure dat it sneeks up on peepol when dey are not payin attention an den it EATS DEM! i dun want dat to happens to me, so i will keeep an eye on it at all timez....
April 29
Demitri almost rolled all the way over today. I bet he will do it in the next day or two. Mom and I are so excited!

Mah butt waz numm. So sue me! GAH!
April 16
I have decided to start a running journal of the major things that happens in Demitri's life. I figured I would start with today, since it was a pretty big day for him. It was his first trip to the doctor. It was also the day he got his first shots. He didn't seem to mind it, though. He was really stareing at one of the nurses. I guess he liked her dress or something. In any case, he was a tough cookie, and even broke a smile when it was all over.

i waz taken to some strang place today. It waz bright an wite. Den som cute Ladiee came in an stuk me with a neeedle. Iz dis how Ladiees show how dey like u?
Oh well, since she waz so cute, i flahed her a smile. i hope to get to kno her more....GAH ACK BABBA!