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The Demitri News is all about the newest stories and pictures of Demitri.

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All updates from October 1 until today are located in Demitri's Diary. For the latest news in the Diary, click on the head at the top of the navigation bar, then select the toddler section for more details.

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Yellow Comments by Demitri

September 29

Today I entered Demitri in the Walmart cute baby contest. People put money in a jar, and the winner is the one with the most money. I hope Demitri wins.

YOU HOPE!?!? GAH, i know i will win. I am da worlds cutest baby! GAH ack BABA!
Plus i will stuff da ballot box....

September 25

Demitri has learned how to spray cans of air freshener. I don't know where we picked it up, or why he is doing it. He will sit there for an hour at a time spraying every can in the house until they go empty. He smiles so much when he does it, I don't have the heart to stop him.

Damm DAD, your feet stink!

September 24

Took Demitri out to the park today. He climbed the big slide all by himself! Eight big steps. And with a little help from Dad, he slid down. I am so proud.

Gah, it waz just like when i climbed da Matterhorn. Too Eazy! Give meee a challange DAD!
September 11

I took Demitri to Burger King. He was having fun toddling around the play area, when he suddenly stopped. Then he backed up, and walked forward again. He did this several times. I was curious, then I realized that he had just discovered his shadow on the floor.

GAHHHHHHHH! Der iz this strange thing dat followz me around and iz hooked to mah feet. I dont like it. It iz just as cute as i am, and it might try to steel mah ladiees! I have to figure out how to get it unstuck from mah feet....
August 13

Its Demitri's 17 month birthday. Today we are going to take him to Pizza Hut. Maybe he will get a balloon from one of the waitresses.

I want more dan ballons. i want some phone numberz from da cute server ladiees... *wink*

August 9

Demitri made a great escape today. He has learned how to fold down the sides of his playpen. I was in the bedroom, and i heard some shuffling around in the living room. I look up and moments later, Demitri comes toddling around the corner. It was so cute.

My planz for excape are almost compleet. i have figured out how to get out of da cell. NOW all i neeed iz to learn how to reach da doornob. Den i am off to MEXICO!

August 2

Demitri learned how to clap today.

Gah! i love to clap. i learned how to do it from watchin rikki lake.

July 13

Happy Sweet 16... Month Birthday little guy! Now you can get a job at Mcdonalds.

i am 16.... Were iz mah car? i want a car!

July 11

Demitri has been spending the day working on his new skill: Kicking a ball. It has been a fun day trying to keep him from breaking stuff in his room.

Dun worrie Ladiees: while i may kick da ball, i have no plans of givin up mah manhood and becomin a soccer player. i jus like to kick da ball and knock thingz over!
July 4

Demitri enjoyed the fireworks that we set off in the front yard. The only really scary moment we had was when he tried to eat a lit sparkler.

i like dis day. Peeople lite a bunch of poop and it explodes into pretty colors. Perhapz i should try dis with mah diaper....
June 22

A great day for Demitri. He learned how to nod his head. He also picked up how to walk down the stairs a little bit. He had some trouble with the size of the steps, but I bet as he gets bigger he will become a walking pro.

Mah next feet will be to walk an nod at da same time. Ack Babba!
June 15

Took Demitri to the doctor today. Demitri actually ran a few feet today. We just set him down at the doctors office, and he took off. Luckily, Dad is faster and was able to catch him.

GAHHHH! NO MORE SHOTS! What da hell did i doo tooo U peeple?

June 5

We took Demitri to Walmart for some shopping. We placed him down in the floor so he could look at the lobsters in the lobster tank. Demitri suddenly turns around, tottles over to the cart, and starts pushing it. This cart was half full of stuff, and was heavy for even myself. But Demitri was determined, and pushed it quite a way.

Mah parents are sicko! Dey had some "baby back ribs" in da cart. SO i tried to return them to da freeezer. i also wanted to pick up some Red Dog and some captin morgan gold. Darn you dad for stoppin me and putting me back in da cart. Dont he realize i got a little captin in me?

May 16

Took Demitri to Taco Bell. Sat him down in the floor as we decided what to order. Demitri just stood up, stuck his hands out, and started walking! He walked around the entrance and then right up to the counter. He then slipped in a wet spot, but he got up and started walking again. From an occassional step here and there to flat out walking. Amazing!

GAH! Mom and dad are so slow when it comez to orderin da food. So i tried to order mahself. Too bad i cannot say "mexican pizza", cauze i alwayz end up width a kids meal.

April 16

When we got home from a walk tonight, I placed Demitri down at the bottom of the stairs while I pet one of the neighborhood cats. I turn around and, to my shock, Demitri is climbing the stairs! He just crawled up the stairs one by one right up to the front door. Mom and I are so proud!

Jeezus, Press your luck waz on, and i waz gonna miss it cause dad had to Play with da kitty. so i decided to go up stairz mahself. Lucky for meee dat dad followed me, cause i cannot reach da door nobbie.

March 13

We just got back from the trip, just in time for Demitri's first birthday! Happy Birthday little man!
We spent 17 hours each way in the car. Demitri slept most of the way, thankfully. When we get the pictures back, we will have to add a section to the page all about our trip.

WOW!! Mah butt iz asleep! i dun think it will ever wake up either. i have never been in da car seat for dat long. but i did see lots of neet stuff.
March 8

We are taking Demitri on his first big roadtrip. We will be heading out to the East Coast. I hope Demitri can handle being cooped up in the car for so long.

Mom N Dad are actin funny. Dey are packin lots of stuff into some boxes. i wonder if dey are gonna skip town an leave me to pay all their bills !??
February 10

Demitri started the day with a bath. Apparently he likes the naked feeling, because he spent the rest of the day trying to take his diaper off. I would leave to make him a bottle, come back, and he would be standing there waving his diaper above his head. I think I had to put that diaper back on him at least a dozen times.

Its all part of mah plan to seduce da ladiees! Stripping is where da money is at...or so they tell me on Blues Clues.
January 13

Demitri is now 10 months old. No more single digits for his age. He is growing up so fast. Demitri spent most of the day running around the house in his walker. He kept ramming it into the couch and the door. I hope this is not how he will drive when he gets older.

i cannot wait to turn 16. When i turn 16 den i can get a driverz card and drive da car! 10 months down, 6 to go baybee!
January 2

Demitri went to the doctor today. The nurse said that Demitri is growing up really fast, and someday when he is older Demitri will be a real heartbreaker. Demitri just sat there and smiled at her. I wonder if he has a crush on her sometimes.

Da nurse iz so kyoot! I would never break her heart! *wink*

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