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Other Jobs

i am a baby of many talents. i do not like 2 limit mah job oppertunitees. Some of mah many jobs do not fit into any of the other catagories. All the sexie pictrues of me on da job at jobs that do not fit anywere else are below.

DJ Demitri
Here u can see me work da wheels of steel in a hoppin club.
Da postman always knocks twice!
Remember da old sayin Ladiees...Da postman alwayz knocks twice....
Da only thing hotter than a fire is meee!
in da army now
i heard dat da Ladiees can not resist a man in uniform.
Space...da final fronteer of LUV. i have been boldly pooping where no baby haz pooped before...
Somtimes der are jobz that men like meee are well qualified for. When da Ladiees need a real man to dance at their parties, they call meee...