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This could be You
By now Ladiees, U know that Demitri iz the worlds most best luver. U are dreaming aboot making Demitri your luver. But then you ask yourself...what would a date with Demitri bee like? Well Ladiees, your answerz are below...

First i will pick u up in one of mah many cars.
Dinner with Demitri
After dat we can go out for a fine dinner. We can sample all da finest baby foods from around da world...
Dancing with a Queen
After dinner, we can go dancing. i can do every dance from da Salsa 2 da tango. i can even dirty dance with da special Ladiees. *wink*
Then we can fly to mah private iland for some close conversations....
Kiss Kiss
Den i will escort U home. All i ask for is a goodnite kisss. Somtimez da Ladiees want more....but i am alwayz a gentullmun.

Dis iz just an example of all da romance that iz in store for da sexiee Ladiees that go out with me. i am willing to do anything for luv. If what you saw here did not appeal to U, then check out da other ways i can romance you, from mah old schoo ghetto style, to german style an more....
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